ONIOMANIA: an uncontrollable desire to buy things.

ONIOMANIA is an interior studio based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We stands for unique design and ache for modern one of a kind and weirdly shaped interior pieces. Bright colours, weird shapes and high quality materials such as hardened glass, marble and chrome make our hearts beat faster.

In our shop you can find a disarray of objects, from furniture such as chairs and tables to accessoires such as lighting and ashtrays. Everything is vintage or made by us from re-used materials. Because, if you did not already know: the future is vintage.

So, are you looking for a way to reignite your desire for beautiful pieces and objects? A vintage glass table or a set of neon-coloured martini glasses might do the trick. Take a look around our shop; there you will find carefully selected vintage items and assembled/refurbished objects that will fit perfectly in your interior.

ONIOMANIA is not just an interior webshop. It is also a virtual playground where you can get inspiration for your own humble abode. We love analoge snapshots of people, architecture and interiors. Another compulsion we have is spying into people’s places. That’s how our I SPY series came to life.

We interviewed all sorts of creatives and took a peek into their homes, capturing their favorite furniture and accessoires. Keep an eye on the inspo section for interior design tips, messed-up moodboards and a peak inside the homes of other creative interior maniacs.

The owners of this strange little webshop

For those of you who want to know a bit about the people behind ONIOMANIA: we are Amber and Lisanne, two close friends. In high school we developed a serious addiction to vintage fashion and objects. You could find us on the Blaak market in Rotterdam every Saturday, going through piles and piles of second hand clothes to find a unique piece for our wardrobe.

This love for vintage never faded, but only grew bigger and more worrisome. Once we both tried to adult and got our own places, we chose thrift shops and flea markets over mass producers when trying to find that one of a kind signature piece.

Starting ONIOMANIA is a way to deal with our obsession of uncommon objects. This way our homes aren’t too chaotic and a big plus is that we can share our love for weird vintage objects with the rest of the world.