I SPY #3 Peeking into the home of Olger

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The next victim of I SPY is Olger, a 24 year young creative from Rotterdam. Olger lives in Rotterdam-Zuid (South of Rotterdam) and on the moment of our invasion he is still finishing his studies. His passion is visiting thrift stores to find unique fashion and interior items. 
We sneaked into Olgers house in Rotterdam-Zuid to take photos and ask questions.
Read along below!

The pictures in this article are made with a Nikon L35AD analog camera and a Olympus MJU II analog camera.

How would you describe your interior style?

I always find that a difficult question, because my interior style can change quickly. The common thread in my interior are the Indonesian elements such as figurines, paintings and woodwork, things I will always love.

In addition, not long ago I had a phase that I was into 70s retro, but I notice that this is changing more towards a futuristic style from the 80s. That’s what gives me the most inspiration at the moment.

Olger on his couch, smelling a bouquet of flowers.

You live with two roommates, do you make decisions about the interior together?

For large purchases, we do make a joint decision, such as the carpet, sofa, dining table, etc. In terms of decoration, we do this without any discussion and that goes well!

What is life like in the South (Rotterdam-Zuid)? 

Zuid feels like home to me. Everything I need is here and it’s very lively. I am especially happy with the many small thrift shops in Zuid, I think Zuid is the best place in Rotterdam to thrift.

Olger’s kitchen cabinet full of herbs and spices.

What do you do at home during the corona crisis?

Besides working at home for my internship, I have found a new passion, which is cooking. I’ve noticed that I do have an aptitude for it, so I like to keep myself busy with it.

What does your dream house look like?

An average sized beach house somewhere on an island in Indonesia with lots of light and a lush garden.

What is your favorite place in the house?

The living room. This is the place where I always gather with my friends. I also want to make them feel like this is their home.

Olger’s favorite vintage find: an Indonesian figurine.

What is your best (vintage) find and why?

My Indonesian figurine, it is a head of a woman. The Indonesian culture is part of my identity, so I also think it is important that it is visible in my interior.

What appeals to you when you buy something?

I buy almost everything that I like and that has a low price. I’m actually not that critical at all.

How important is sustainability to you?

I don’t dare to say that I live a sustainable life but I try to keep myself busy with this. More than half of my furniture is second-hand and I try to eat as little animal products as possible (which is certainly not always possible).

Which (vintage) item for your home would you kill for?

A space age bookcase.

Dilemma, which of the two would you choose if you really had to choose

Clean and sleek or messy and cozy?
Messy and cozy.

Never go outside or never go inside again?
Never go outside again.

Locked up in the bedroom forever or locked up in the kitchen forever?
Locked up in the bedroom forever.

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